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four years

four years.

"this isn’t the end of one direction." and it wasn’t.

four years.

whoever thought, four years ago today, five talented boys will be put together in one band and will perform to win the x-factor.

they didn’t win the x-factor, they were devastated.

but they won hearts.
they won awards.

"don’t let us down!" katy perry screamed.

niall never let us down.

"i work at a bakery." now, singing with all his heart.

"hey there delilah" now, with his own songs.

liam; second audition for the x-factor. he didn’t give up on his dreams.

zayn; zayn, oh, zayn, THANK GOD his mom dragged zayn out of bed to audition. thank. god.

"and that’s what makes you beautifuuul"

"i wanna stay up all night and juuump around until we seeee the suuun"

"cause you’ve got that one thing"

"midnight memoriiiies"

and whoever thought that millions of girls right now could be smiling, laughing, cheering, or even freaking crying, saying, “they made it.”


four years,

exactly 1461 days


one direction

i’m not ok

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happy fourth anniversary to this band that ruined my life!!! YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU MADE/MAKE ME SMILE, LAUGH, CRY. i’ll always remember you guys as the boys who were sitting on the stairs, chatting with us, saying that you like girls who eat carrots. time flies by so fast, and i can’t believe this boyband is performing at stadiums & still being weird and loving❤️💕😭😭😭😭😭


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